Shipping Instructions

Please print the customer information sheet below and enclose it with your injectors. If you have Adobe Reader or Acrobat, please use the PDF version and you can just type in your information and print it out.

Click here (PDF) (download, type info in and print)

If possible, please leave the seals and o-rings etc. on your injectors. They will be returned along side the injectors in a sealed bag. At a minimum, we would like for you to leave the parts on at least one of your fuel injectors so we can ensure that you get the proper replacements necessary for your type of injector. Normally we know what to use, but in some cases, the customer is using them in non-stock applications, so we like to be sure.

Please clean the grime, dirt, and grease off of your fuel injectors. Our line of work requires a clean environment to ensure excellent results.

It is highly advised that you install and use your injectors within 30 days after receiving them to minimize any chance of them sticking. If you don’t plan on using the injectors for an extended period of time, it may be best to wait before sending them to us. If they must sit for extended periods of time, please store them in a plastic bag or airtight container and store indoors so that they will not dry out

Packing and shipping

Wrap each of your injectors individually in a paper towel and place them in a plastic bag to keep the package from smelling of gasoline. This helps to prevent the shipping service from rejecting your package for delivery. It is highly recommended that your injectors are shipped in a box and not in a padded envelope. This will help to prevent your fuel injectors from getting damaged in transit. Please get delivery confirmation or a tracking number so that you will know when Advanced Injector receives your injectors.

It would be helpful for you to drop us an email as you ship your injectors out to us.

Turn Times

Our current turnaround times can change depending on the amount of fuel injectors we have received on any given day. We will do our best to get your injectors cleaned and returned back to you in a timely manner while striving to maintain our highest possible quality of work.

Return Shipping

We return ship via priority mail and charge a $12.00 flat rate for any amount of injectors.

Express mail return shipping is available for $30.00, please indicate that you would like this on the information sheet included with your injectors. Ten injectors maximum.

We provide a $100 insurance on return shipments. If you require more, please indicate on the customer information sheet that you would like more, (up to a $500 maximum) for an additional fee of $1.25 per $100 extra. Please contact us if you require more than the alloted amount.

Payment Information

We accept Visa and Master Card as payment.

We appologize, but we do not accept personal checks or PayPal.

Credit Cards

When paying by credit card, be sure to include your credit card information and sign the credit card authorization on the information sheet. Failure to this information may delay the shipping of your injectors back to you. All credit card numbers will be destroyed upon shipping in order to protect your privacy, except when we are asked to keep this information on file for our returning customers.


If paying by PayPal, we will e-mail you a request for payment after we complete the injectors. Please include your PayPal e-mail address. Some e-mail filters can block payment requests from reaching you. Therefore, we ask that you make sure to check your bulk and/or spam inbox to ensure you do not have a filter set on PayPal or Advanced Injector

Sorry, we do not service

Direct Injection, called GDI
GM spyder
CIS injectors